Kate Ward = Mediator

Kate started out as an employment lawyer in 2003 at Penningtons LLP focusing on employment law and work place disputes, litigating and negotiating. In 2008, she joined Thomas Eggar’s employment team advising businesses on their day to day employment issues and helping them to pre-empt disputes.

Kate has mediated with Resolve for 12 years dealing with a wide range of community matters from neighbourhood conflict to family rifts. Kate’s commitment to the mediation process enables parties to claim back control and improve their quality of life as an alternative to ending up in court or losing a home.

In 2016, Kate joined CHR Family Solicitors as a family lawyer, working with high net worth clients on their financial and children arrangements.

Kate’s mediation experience has run in tandem with her legal career. Her belief in mediation as a powerful way of resolving conflict has grown alongside her experience as a mediator.

Jeremy Ellis = Mediator

From the beginning of his career as a litigation lawyer at law firm Withers LLP, Jeremy understood that negotiated settlements achieve the best outcomes for clients and that mediation is a very effective way to short-circuit litigation.

Working for international financial services businesses, Jeremy participated in mediations as the client, experiencing first-hand the anticipation, complexity and pressure on decision makers at mediations.

Over time as clients of Standard Bank or Minerva became involved in litigation, Jeremy helped them prepare for mediation by demystifying the process and helping them prepare to put their best foot forward in the commercial negotiations.

Whilst at Minerva, Jeremy developed an informal mediation practice. Using trusteeship as a platform, he built consensus amongst different groups of beneficiaries. In one significant case, 18 months relationship-building culminated in a mediation in Nairobi chaired by Jeremy. After a long day’s negotiation, a family dispute which had lasted well over a decade was brought to an end.

Jeremy has therefore been PreFixing for much of the recent past.

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  • “I had been being threatened with legal action by a large energy company for over a year. I didn’t want to involve lawyers and I definitely didn’t want the case to end up in the courts.  I reached out to Jeremy to seek his help on how best to negotiate with them. Jeremy came up with a practical plan and walked me through all its stages and discussed probable outcomes and various scenarios, which gave me a lot of comfort. He was professional, very supportive and confident in how we should speak and correspond with the company. The company ended up withdrawing their claim and dropping the case. If it wasn’t for Jeremy I would most likely end up in a stressful court case and with huge legal bills. With him I got the outcome I wanted in a surprisingly short time and with little cost.”

  • “During my career as a banker, I have learned that conflict is a reality. I have seen too many of those conflicts result in painful litigation.

    One of those conflicts involved a client’s family dispute – which could well have ended up in the courts. Jeremy worked tirelessly with the various family members to help them focus on potential solutions and to shift their mind set away from blame and the past. Jeremy had a clear vision of the future for them and that created sufficient momentum for the family to attend a mediation meeting. A thirteen hour negotiation resulted in an agreement that brought closure. Not only was litigation avoided but also the family could start to repair their relationships.

    I was very impressed with Jeremy. So I will be recommending Prefix to clients as a great way of resolving disputes in the future.”

  • “I found myself involved in a multi-million pound dispute between two other parties, and for years my legal team were not able to extricate me from it, instead running up significant litigation bills.

    Jeremy completely understood my goals, showed me an alternative path, coached me both on how to make the most of a mediation process and how to negotiate with the other side, and made a significant difference to the outcome on the day.

    I hope to never find myself in a similar situation again, but if I do then Jeremy will be the first person I call.”

  • “I was sure our long-standing family feud was destined for the law courts.

    Jeremy took it upon himself to intervene with an alternative.

    A series of one-to-one conversations persuaded each of us that a compromise was possible. Constructive roundtable negotiations resulted in an agreement that allowed us to move on as a family.

    I am grateful for his efforts as I have seen too many other families torn apart by litigation. I’m so glad I saved my children from that.”

  • “Our business was facing difficult and potentially damaging litigation.
    We embarked on mediation and  I benefited enormously from Jeremy’s experience and invaluable support throughout the process. He helped us prepare thoroughly so we had the best chance of a successful outcome.
    Ultimately, we found a settlement that brought an end to the litigation, minimised disruption and avoided serious consequences for the company. Jeremy’s involvement was key to this.”