Threats to technology businesses

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Disputes cost time, money and emotional capital – they cause disruption and are a very real threat to technology businesses of all sizes. Even the winners can end up crippled by the costs.

In the technology world the potential to be drawn into expensive, long running disputes is almost unlimited – there are just so many complex areas where unexpected threats can emerge…

Just a few:

  • Complex agreements
  • End user licenses
  • Software implementation
  • IP infringement
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cyber security breaches
  • Former employees stealing data, IP, clients
  • Functionality
  • Performance issues
  • Cost overruns
  • Digital fraud
  • Scope redefinition

Disputes can arise from a variety of sources:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Sub-contractors
  • Operating partners
  • Joint ventures
  • Former employees
  • Competitors

What are the threats to your business from a dispute?

  • Real cost in time
  • Real cost in ££££/$$$$ – even if you win
  • Real cost in emotional capital
  • Real cost to relationships
  • Potential structural damage to the business

It is not in your interests or in your business interests to allow the dispute to linger – it’s simply not an effective strategy – yet if you go to litigation resolution can, in many cases, take years.

Prefix helps you can solve business disputes efficiently and effectively by going straight to mediation.

Why is Prefix different?

Prefix transforms a legal issue into a commercial negotiation:

  • Our framework means you can negotiate with the other side safely
  • We oversee the process so you can focus on the negotiation
  • Our legally trained mediators offer impartiality and positivity throughout
  • We make space for you to take advice and we push for progress when the end is in sight
  • We are transparent about our fees and work on a fixed fee basis

Benefits to you and your business

  • Prefix mediation lets you steer away from the uncertain world of lengthy litigation where you and your business suffer.
  • Your business dispute becomes a commercial negotiation in a safe environment with the assistance of professional mediators.
  • You can solve the problem as soon as a legal issue arises.

Please call Jeremy on 07500 956786 for a no obligation conversation about how we can help you.

Prefix – the safe new way to solve a problem before it becomes a case.