Getting clients and teams ready for mediation.

Good preparation increases the chance of a great outcome. Confident in your training, you will come across well to the mediator and fearlessly to the other side. Understanding the mediator’s approach offers a real advantage. Investing time and energy in preparation gives you strength in the negotiation and composure to deal with whatever surprises come your way.

Prepared and in control

This case was unpleasant and had been going on far too long.

The Shepherds’ continued use of the wrong access caused damage and ultimately affected the value of Chris’ land. Chris was very apprehensive about coming face to face with the Shepherds at a mediation.

PreFix helped Chris understand the mediation process and how he could prepare to put his best foot forward.

Chris decided he wanted to make a statement at the outset; he felt it would be an important show of strength and resilience.

At the mediation, he delivered it with real force and clarity. That set the tone for the entire mediation from his perspective.

Chris remained in control despite various new arguments about the Shepherd’s rights coming up late in the day.

And even when the pressure came on from the mediator to bridge the gap, Chris remained calm and controlled.

Ultimately, his preparation set him up well – even for the parts that couldn’t be predicted.

Confident negotiator

Frank had done his homework; he was comfortable fighting the case if the other side weren’t prepared to make an offer of at least USD1m.

That’s why he and his team had been sitting in the room waiting since 3pm. Waiting, not stressing.

And eventually at midnight when the other side finally accepted that Frank would go no further, they made an offer which closed the matter for good.

  • “During my career as a banker, I have learned that conflict is a reality. I have seen too many of those conflicts result in painful litigation.

    One of those conflicts involved a client’s family dispute – which could well have ended up in the courts. Jeremy worked tirelessly with the various family members to help them focus on potential solutions and to shift their mind set away from blame and the past. Jeremy had a clear vision of the future for them and that created sufficient momentum for the family to attend a mediation meeting. A thirteen hour negotiation resulted in an agreement that brought closure. Not only was litigation avoided but also the family could start to repair their relationships.

    I was very impressed with Jeremy. So I will be recommending Prefix to clients as a great way of resolving disputes in the future.”

  • “I found myself involved in a multi-million pound dispute between two other parties, and for years my legal team were not able to extricate me from it, instead running up significant litigation bills.

    Jeremy completely understood my goals, showed me an alternative path, coached me both on how to make the most of a mediation process and how to negotiate with the other side, and made a significant difference to the outcome on the day.

    I hope to never find myself in a similar situation again, but if I do then Jeremy will be the first person I call.”

  • “Our business was facing difficult and potentially damaging litigation.
    We embarked on mediation and  I benefited enormously from Jeremy’s experience and invaluable support throughout the process. He helped us prepare thoroughly so we had the best chance of a successful outcome.
    Ultimately, we found a settlement that brought an end to the litigation, minimised disruption and avoided serious consequences for the company. Jeremy’s involvement was key to this.”

  • “I had been being threatened with legal action by a large energy company for over a year. I didn’t want to involve lawyers and I definitely didn’t want the case to end up in the courts.  I reached out to Jeremy to seek his help on how best to negotiate with them. Jeremy came up with a practical plan and walked me through all its stages and discussed probable outcomes and various scenarios, which gave me a lot of comfort. He was professional, very supportive and confident in how we should speak and correspond with the company. The company ended up withdrawing their claim and dropping the case. If it wasn’t for Jeremy I would most likely end up in a stressful court case and with huge legal bills. With him I got the outcome I wanted in a surprisingly short time and with little cost.”