Seize the day, before it’s too late

Family disputes at the end of life can be amongst the most difficult to resolve. Often siblings spend thousands in legal fees, reach no resolution and are driven further apart by the end of the process.

A typical scenario goes something like this:

I’d assumed when dad died that finally my brother John and I might have a civilised conversation. But it just became worse as he contested the will, making all sorts of claims that drove a deeper wedge between us.

Worst of all dad could see it coming. I know he’d talked to John, and he’d talked to me asking each of us to swallow our pride and shake hands, but John’s attitude and demands prevented it.

It must be a dreadful thing knowing your children are at war with each other and there’s nothing you can do.”

If this scenario is familiar to you, you still have time to do something positive about it, before the worst happens.

Engaging our proactive, professional mediators is a safe way to open up all the avenues that can lead to a resolution. Prefix Mediation, specialists in helping families have difficult conversations.