With you along the journey

What does Prefix Mediation do?

Separating from your spouse is a long journey and we’re here to guide you to your destination.

Destinations can vary for different couples. For some, the end is the signing of a Deed of Separation because divorce is premature. For others, it’s the signing of a Consent Application, which once approved by a Judge, can enable divorce. To reach either destination, there need to be ‘stakes in the ground’ along the way: the points which need agreeing. For example, the division of capital, the home, future living arrangements and income needs. If there are children, there will be a host of other arrangements to be agreed as well. Getting agreement on each ‘stake’ can require so much effort that you need extra help to keep moving forward.

Prefix will provide this forward momentum and we’ll carry some of the weight. We invest ourselves in the process and help you reach the destination. We are sensitive to the way that you and your spouse want to move forward and we will be with you from the beginning to the very end if that’s what’s needed. We make experienced interventions and offer practical direction.

Some of our clients have found they’re able to make considerable headway themselves but that they get bogged down and stuck. Our role is to help you see the progress you’ve made and to think of new solutions to get you over the barriers and back on track.

It’s natural to sometimes feel overwhelmed. It feels like there’s so much that needs to be resolved. How and where to start? We can gently and collaboratively set agendas and time lines. These ‘waymarkers’ build confidence in the process and bring peace of mind.

A formal legal document is not every couple’s destination. A workable plan can suffice. You should be able to choose how this important phase of your life plays out whilst also being able to ask for some assistance along the way. This is a personal service, giving you as much or as little support and guidance as you would like.

We see ourselves as being part of your journey, helping you reach the end by the best route for you.