Bringing balance and order when things are hard

Conversations after separation are understandably hard. Even when relations are good, who enjoys conversations about family budgets or the value of each other’s ‘contributions’?

After separation, the differences between people feel so obvious. Take three different examples:
(1) One person likes to articulate a problem when the other will shy away from ‘confrontation’ conversations;
(2) One person has information at their fingertips when the other is still trying to research and understand;
(3) One person is quick in decision making while the other does not want to think about the question or will not be rushed into an answer.

Those differences send ‘progress’ off course. It can be a relief to have someone step in whose role is to redress imbalance and put the conversation on an even keel. We help find ways of communicating that aren’t counterproductive.

From a practical perspective, when you start to disentangle your lives it can feel like you are at the bottom of a mountain…whilst needing to keep day-to-day things running. You see before you a long list of decisions: keep or sell the house, the mortgage, income …… And matters concerning the children are so important and yet almost harder for the emotional baggage that comes with them. One decision branches off into multiple other discussions, each one feeling like a whole new decision in its own right. It can feel like wading through treacle just to get back to the main point you started with. Prefix Mediators can bring order and prioritisation and help untangle the mass of complexity that confronts you. You can move forwards steadily and carefully, whilst feeling in control.

Prefix brings experienced insight into the conflict zone. Through sensitive intervention and relationship building, we can thoughtfully steer clients through troubled waters and into the calm.